About the Journal


The FJMC Annual publishes research - theoretical, empirical, and theoretical-empirical, fundamental or applied; particular or comprehensive; viewpoints; conceptual research, based on hypothetical premises and overarching discussions as well as comparative research; surveys, providing a thorough overview or a historical analysis of a concept or phenomenon. The published work covers the fields of communication studies, journalism, media, and their professional aspects – editorial, organizational and technological; characteristic features of the national models and realities of the functioning of the Bulgarian and foreign media; the different sign systems (verbal, visual, audiovisual) also in diverse formats and genres; graphic design; creative and cultural industries; digital and on-line communication platforms; creating and broadcasting content for printed, radio and television and on-line media, information and PR agencies and related platforms; public relations; integrated mass communications; media management, communication technologies, organization and management of communication crises.

The publications, the result of teaching and research staff studies, can contain fundamental research on topics, related to the theory, history and transformation of communications, journalism and the media; the theory, history and strategies of public communication; the theory, history, and the development of book-publishing and editorial-publishing activities; the theory and study of content and communication management or comparative theoretical research in the sphere of media and communications; also applied-research and practical articles in the area of media and journalism, press-journalism, agency journalism, photojournalism, radio-journalism, TV journalism, on-line media, public relations, advertising, integrated mass communications; book-publishing, editorial-publishing activities, and practices, traditional and digital publishing; communication management and information-communication technologies.